Sunday, July 3, 2016

Milk Run

So I had a little dental surgery on Friday afternoon. The appointment got off to a late start so I asked the dentist if this was going to ruin his weekend. He said, "No." So I asked if it would ruin mine. He said, "Depends on what do you have planned." I said I had no plans. "No problem then!" he concluded. 

The next morning I was recovering at home, sipping coffee real slow, and spooning little bites of food into my mouth like my mother did when I was three. That's when Lisa told me we had weekend plans after all. "Let's drive up to that dairy and get some raw milk!" Perfect! Just what I was thinking! My jaw is stitched up like a catcher's mitt. My face feels as inflated and taught as a volley ball. A long ride to a dairy farm is just what I had in mind. She took that sarcasm as a yes, and thirty minutes latter we were in the Jeep heading north.

It didn't actually take that much arm twisting to make me go. Whenever I have a good reason to rest at home I dream of a wonderful time reading, watching movies, sleeping, and making the best use of my prescribed time off. In reality, I usually have enough of all that about fifteen minutes after breakfast. I gotta get outa here!

So Lisa drove the Jeep and I brought the camera to keep myself occupied. I wasn't expecting much excitement at the dairy. But in my condition, just getting outside was a thrill. Add some live-action barnyard amusements, and it was a ripping good time.

When it was all over we had met some fine bovine and nice people at the dairy. We picked up a few quarts of heavy cream and other stuff, and headed down the road for pizza in keeping with the dairy-themed day. Don't worry... I used a fork and chewed slow and careful.

Now here's the irony of the day trip to the dairy. Today we were talking to our good friends, one of whom is a dental hygienist. She asked me all about my little procedure and how things were going. She gave me some great tips on what to do and what not to do to help things heal. Finally as we were leaving she says, "Oh, and drink lots of dairy. You're rebuilding bone and you need plenty of calcium!"

Huh. Calcium. I hadn't thought of that, but we're stocked up good. Thanks.