Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jam on the Hill

Like most everybody, I have some really good friends... the kind that stick with you when you go through stuff, and that you stick with when it's their turn. If you go away for a long time, they're still there when you come back, as if no time had passed.

When we're young we'll often find new friends when passing time with others doing silly things that we enjoy in common. The best of those friends from the "good old days" will schedule time to get together just to do the same silly things again and again. They'll travel long distances, bring their families, and invite a bunch more to join the fun.

That's the story behind the "2014 Jam on the Hill". 

We used to do this once in a while on a Sunday evening when we all lived close by. Back then it would just sort of happen if one of us suggested it. Now that we're spread a bit more across the map, it takes some planning just to make it an annual event. We skip a year sometimes, but as it is with true friends, it never feels like any time had passed at all.